Yahoo: Super-fast gigabit Internet service finally coming to (some) Canadians

Our own Josh Tabish explains in this article the importance of high-speed fibre Internet for all Canadians and why it took Canada so long to adopt this technology. 

Artice by Brian Chin for Yahoo News 

If you're tired of waiting for your TV shows or movies to finish downloading, you can now take advantage of Canada's fastest internet.

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Topics: Affordability

CBC: Senate reports give a glimpse of potential future digital policies: Geist

The government's next round of anti-terror strategies include measures that extend far beyond Bill C-51. This election is our best chance to repeal Bill C-51. Join us and pledge your vote to ensure a surveillance-free digital future for all Canadians at

Article by Michael Geist for CBC News

Prince George Citizen: C-51 opponent Sheldon Clare discusses his candidacy in Cariboo-Prince George

Gun lobbyists and conservative Sheldon Clarke also opposes C-51. Speak out now to get this legislation repealed at

Article by Charelle Evelyn for the Prince George Citizen

Sheldon Clare touted himself as a "hardware-store conservative" on Tuesday in announcing his run as an independent candidate for Cariboo-Prince George in October's federal election.

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CBC: Google ordered to remove 'right to be forgotten' stories after 'right to be forgotten' ruling

The new EU 'right to be forgotten' ruling conflicts with our right to knowledge and free expression. Why should people like web companies, politicians, or governments force search engines and other aggregators to remove links to articles about their activities without a judicial process? Learn more below and check out our growing international campaign to Save The Link at

Article by CBC News

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Guest Blog: Prepaid mobile phone users deserve the same protections as the rest of us

Our small team at OpenMedia can’t fight every battle we’d like to. One of these battles is being waged through the tireless efforts of Diversity Canada, and their Executive Director Celia Sankar, who joins us today for a guest blog on how the CRTC refuses to apply the protections in the wireless code of conduct – which Canadians fought for together and won – to prepaid mobile phone services.

Essentially, Celia and Diversity Canada are appealing a CRTC decision that allows any of the over 3.7 million customers who use prepaid mobile phone services in this country to be forced into a more expensive monthly plan against their will by Big Telecom giants. Users of prepaid services often includes travellers, senior citizens, low-income Canadians, or anyone who can’t afford what are some of the most expensive mobile phone plans in the industrialized world.

At the heart of the issue is whether prepaid mobile phone subscribers should receive the same protections that people on 1 or 2 year contracts receive. Diversity Canada thinks the answer should be “Yes!”, but they need your help to make the case.

You can get all the essential details below in a guest blog from Celia, and then let the CRTC know where you stand by sending them a comment through their online web portal here before the deadline on September 17.

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